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Mata Sito Devi College Of Education Kot Dharmu (Mansa)
Teacher's Time Table Session Sem 1st (2021) W.e.f..29/11/2021..

Name Lect-I II III IV V VI Total
Mrs. Maninder Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Sociolo.Pers.In Edu.
Sec-A (1-6) LH-9
Assessment for learning
LH-15(1-6) Sec-A
Guidence & Counselling
LH-15 Sec-A (1-3)Sem-IV
Mrs. Amritpal Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Gender, school and society section A
LH-15 (1-3)
Teaching of Hindi (1-3)
Sem-II (LH-14)
Environment Edu. Sec-B (4-6)
Sem-II (LH-15)
Mrs. Gurpreet Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Inclusive School Sec-A (1-3)
LH-15 Sem-IV
Teaching of Math (1-3)
Sem-II (LH-9)
Health and Phy.Edu. Section A LH-19 (4-6) 9
Mr. Vicky
(Assistant Professor)
Understanding the self
LH-15 Section B (4-6)
Enriching learning
Through ICT LH-15 (4-6)
Knowledge and Curriculum LH-14 (1-6) 12
Mrs.Maninder Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Teaching of Pbi. LH-15
(1-3) Sem -II
Environment Edu.Sec-A
(4-6) Sem-IV LH-14
Health and Phy.Edu. Section B
Miss Manpreet Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Understanding the self
LH-16 Section A (4-6)
Read. Reflecting on text
LH-14 Sec. B (4-6)
Teaching of SST.
1-3 LH-14
Miss Rupinder Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Educational Policy & Planning in contemporary India
LH-14 (1-6) Sec A
Read. Refle. ontext
LH-15 Sec. A(4-6) Tea. of Eng. (1-3) LH-9
Mrs . Sarbjot Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Gender, School and Society section B
LH-16 (1-3)
Strengthening lag. Proficiency.
Sec-B(1-3) Sem-IV LH-9 School. Mgt. LH-14 (4-6)
Mrs. Parminder Kaur
(Assistant Professor)
Assessment For learning
LH-19 Sec-B (1-6)
Teaching of Sci.
Sem-II (1-3) Sci Lab
Strengthening lag.
LH-15 Profieiency Sec-B(1-3) Sem-IV LH-14 (4-6)
Mr. Baljinder singh
(Assistant Professor)
Teaching of Phy.Edu.
(1-3)Phy. Lab
B.B.Writing & Sports(1-3) 6
Mrs. Veera Devi
(Assistant Professor)
Inclusive School Sec-B (1-3) LH-14 Sem-IV Guidence & Coun. LH-15 Sec-B (1-3)Sem-IV 6
09:00 to 09:20 09:20 to 10:10 10:10 to 11:00 11:00 to 11:20 11:20 to 12:10 12:10 to 01:00 01:00 to 01:30 01:30 to 02:20 02:20 to 03:00
Monday Sociological Perspective in Edu. LH-9
Mrs.Maninder Kaur (1-6)
Educational Policy and Planing in contemporary India (LH-14) sec-A
Miss.Rupinder Kaur (1-6)
Teaching of Eng.(1-3)
Rupinder Kaur LH-9
Teaching of Hindi LH-14
Amritpal Kaur
Teaching of Pbi LH-15
Maninder Kaur M
Teaching of Sci (Sci Lab)
Parminder Kaur LH-18
Teaching of Math (1-3)
Gurpreet Kaur LH-9
Teaching of SST
Manpreet Kaur LH-14
Teaching of Phy. Edu.
Baljinder Singh
Phy. Edu. Lab. -7
Knowledge curriculum
Mr. Vicky LH-14 (1-6)
BB Writing Games & Sports
Ms. Baljinder Singh Sec-A (1-3)
Thursday Enriching Learning Through ICT
Mr. Vicky LH-15 (4-6)
School Management LH-14 (4-6)
Sarbjot Kaur

Mata Sito Devi College Of Education Kot Dharmu (Mansa)
Time Table: B.ed.-i (Sem-i), (Section-a & B, Session 2021-22, W.e.f. 29-11-2021

Day 9.00-9.20 9.20-10.10 10.10-11.00 11.00-11.20 11.20-12.10 12.10-1.00 1.00-1.30 1.30-2.20 2.20-3.00


Morning Assembly (All Teachers)

Section -A Gender School and socity (LH-15)
Mrs. Amritpal Kaur (1-3)
Sec-B Sarbjot Kaur (LH-16) (1-3)
Section -A Asses. for learning (LH-15)
Mrs. Maninder Kaur (1-6)
Sec-B (LH-19)
Mrs. Parminder Kaur

Tea Break

Section -A Inclusive School LH-15
Gurpreet Kaur (1-3)
Veera Devi LH-14 (1-3)
Section -A Strengthening LH-15 Language Proficiency
Parminder Kaur (1-3)
Sec-B LH-9
Sarbjot Kaur(4-9)

Lunch Break

Section -A Guidance and Counselling LH-15
Mandinder Kaur
Section -B
Veera Devi LH-16 (1-3)


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Section -A Understanding The Self LH-16
Manpreet Kaur 4-6
Section -B
Vicky LH-15
" Section -A Reading Reflection on the Text
Rupinder Kaur
Section -B
Manpreet Kaur LH-14 (4-6)
Section -A enviornment Education
Maninder Kaur Dhaliwal LH-14 Section -B
Amritpal Kaur LH-15 (4-6)
Section -A Phy. Education LH-15
Mrs Gurpreet Kaur Section -B
Maninder Kaur Dhaliwal LH-14 (4-6)


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